Our first stop just north of San Francisco is Muir Woods to see the incredible Redwoods. These trees were just so magnificent in their stateliness. They rise seemingly touching the sky. The trek through the woods was peaceful. We all smiled sharing that the trees somehow emitted a calmness that we all could feel. Truly amazing.



It may be corny, it may be touristy, but we just couldn't resist taking the photo that so many before us had taken. The Golden Gate Bridge at this view is as beautiful as we had been told. Coming from New York's 95+ degrees, we now stood in the winds of the Bay in the low 60s. It felt as though it was winter! Notice our huge grins. 



California provides some of the most beautiful ocean views, that's what we read. The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is one of the most beautiful highways in the world. We heard about the 17 mile drive and wondered if it was worth the price of admission. Interestingly, you can drive in Califormia for hundreds (maybe thousands) of miles and not pay a toll. Here we were about to pay to drive just 17 miles. So, was it worth it? Just take a look at some of the next few photos and you tell me.



Does it get any more beautiful than this? (I did find myself asking this very question over and over again throughout our visit.) The Lone Cyprus set in front of the blues of the Pacific. I took this photo and can't believe it. It should be a postcard. This is a view that must be seen. Don't miss this view. It will probably turn out to be one of your all time favorite photos that you've ever taken. 





We were lucky enough to have a few golfers taking their chances on the very favorite hole on Pebble Beach. Here they stood overlooking the beautiful blues. I couldn't help but wonder what they felt in their bodies. I didn't wonder that long because of the unbelievable view. As I stepped around the rock on the left to see if I could view the flag they aimed to meet, rocks moved revealing the camouflaged seals basking in the sun, moving as if to say "I live here! Ha!".



We dared the drive around, about, in and out of the Big Sur. This drive, some say 60 miles is 80+ miles, one way in, one way out, no left turns, no right turns, over bridges, around bends up to the tops of mountains, down to the shore line. We had sunshine and we traveled through the fog. It was a magnificent drive to say the least. We kept passing bikers, not the motor type either. Pedle bikers. How much we admired them. This is a trip not for the faint of heart. But, it is filled with the most incredible views of the ocean. Don't miss this. You may only do it once but you will remember it for a life time.

After a long day of traveling the PCH from San Francisco heading to Ventura Beach I needed to get some gas and something to eat when in San Luis Obispo I spotted the Quiznos. I knew there I could get some good eats. So, I turned the car into the lot and found the friendliest gentlemen who took our order and wished us safe travel. 


Needless to say we found excitement and fun in Los Angeles. We attended a family party only to find they had the original Bat Mobile on their front lawn. I couldn't resist. When I asked if I could sit in it, they said Sure! and asked if I wanted to take a photo. Not shy, I hopped right in. Look, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don't ever want to say, "I should have". 

And that is the way our journey in California went.

We had a blast!!





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