Customer Appreciation - Cruise the Caribbean

Don and Joan Ann Schwed are life long cruisers and just so happened to be clients of Dr. Robert Petosa's chiropractic office. In passing Dr. Petosa referred the Schwed's to Little did they know Dr. Petosa graduated Monsignor Farrell highschool and was quarterback for the New York City 1975 number 1 football team along with Peter Fanizzi.

This was a perfect "pass". It's not every day you have a chance to assist a couple who not only loves cruising but is happy to give you the thanks for service well done.

Along with the Schwed's in the photo are the Cusimanos, the Lisa's, and the Pollio's.

Most ecent team photo with Don holding the Staten Island Advance, the local paper, all wearing signature 2010 Summer Fun tee shirt.

They enjoyed good friends, good fun on their Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean on the beautiful ship "Legend".

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