Danielle and James Douglass cruise on the Norwegian Dream

Starting in New Orleans with stops in Cozumel, Roatan, Belize City, Cancun

Danielle and James cruise on the Norwegian Dream, a 7 day cruise Starting in New Orleans with stops in Cozumel, Roatan, Belize City, Cancun.
Danielle and James Douglass take a cruise on the Norwegian Dream, a 7-Day Western Caribbean - Round-trip from New Orleans.
"We had a great time."

Norwegian Dream cruise itinerary.

Danielle poses for James to snap a photo of the Norwegian Dream.

The Altun Ha ruins in Belize.

A very favorite time, on the boat at Sunset. How beautiful it all is. So peaceful, so relaxing.

Just take a look at that water. You can see right down to the bottom. The sand is so beautiful, too. Have you ever seen such white sand?!

James snorkeling at Tabayana Beach in Roatan Bay Island, Honduras. Isn't it just beautiful?

New Orleans, Louisiana
This city is a unique cultural gumbo of African, Indian, Cajun and Creole influences. Its charms are mesmerizing, infatuating visitors with exotic foods, a fantastic jazz tradition, historic architecture and nightlife unrivaled anywhere in the U.S. We recommended an extra day or two to indulge in some of the fun.

Roatan, Bay Islands
You'll receive a welcome as warm as the weather in this rustic, banana-shaped idyll of brilliant blue water, palm-fringed beaches and cooling trade winds. One of three Bay Islands just off the coast of Honduras, Roatan is home to a mix of eight different cultures who share a common pride in their homeland. Just off shore, the pristine Belizean Reef—teeming with marine life and some of the best pillar coral in the Caribbean—is considered one of the best dive destinations in the world.

Cancun, Mexico
Just a little more than 20 years ago Cancun was nothing more than a sleepy village of 120 fishermen. Today a half-million people make this a Mexican city full of exciting options. Take in a round of golf scuba dive in the turquoise clear water or spend some quality time lying on the warm, soft beaches.

Belize City, Belize
Long before the 17th-century powers began to argue over Belizian sovereignty, a Mayan civilization flourished here at the mouth of the Belize river. But it is the natural history that is Belize's most precious resource. This geographically endowed region features lush lowlands and tremendous wetlands, timbered mountains, prime rainforests and karstic landscapes pocketed by caves and caverns. Oh, and a pristine coastline protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world.

Cozumel, Mexico
The beaches, dining and shopping are great on this tiny tropical isle just 12 miles off Mexico's coast. But it's the coral reef just off shore and the sacred Maya ruins that are the primary attractions. Palm-lined beaches throb with activity, while a dense jungle interior showcases Cozumel's primeval side. Spectacular Palancar Reef, part of the second longest coral reef system in the world, beckons divers the world over.
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