European Cruise 2007 on Splendour of the Seas

On Board Splendour of the Seas - Taking in the sun
On Board Splendour of the Seas - Taking in the sun
This is the magnificent view from the deck of Splendour of the Seas as we pull out of port and ride along side the main street of Venice. We pass right in front of St. Mark's Church and Square. Breathtaking!!

Our first port of call takes us to Dubrovnik. There is a beautiful overlook that you'll see in every photo from everyone that's visited Dubrovnik. And rightfully so. It is a spectacular view looking down into the old town which has been rebuilt since the civil war there which broke up the country of Yugoslavia. We then went to this beautiful seaside village of Cavtat (which is pronounced something like zsaftat). The port is lined with yachts and open restaurants. Well worth the trip. The beer was good too and the service very pleasurable.

Turkey was an experience. We visited Ephesus with it's gorgeous ruins of time when life was young. Then to the ceramic factory. Boy, we scattered as soon as we entered and everyone left with bags of colorful ceramic bowls, plates and more. We visited the home where Mary, the Mother of Christ, spent her remaining days. Some of us got quite emotional during the visit even though it was just a small stone home that was rather unexciting. But, there was something about it that got into our hearts. We were very touched. It was on the top of a small mountain, not near anything. But, on the side of the path where we stood in line to enter the house was a mass going on. It was also so moving in its simplicity. It was set in the trees with simple white plastic chairs. It was so perfect and beautiful. We were brought to tears.

We took this excursion to 'The Beautiful Seaside Resort of Oia' and it lived up to it's name. We took more photos here than we took anywhere. First of all we had to take this bus ride up the side of the mountain that had all of us holding our breath. When you get to the top you find that the entire city of Santorini is built on the top and SIDES!! of this mountain! All of the houses are pure white with adobe colored roofs except for the churches. They all have the most beautiful blue roofs. Looking down the mountain into the Mediterranean water, blue skies, white houses on the magnificent mountain .... well, it is more than words can describe. I highly recommend the trip just to see Santorini.

We had great fun on the cruise. There were 12 of us, 12 great ladies, there to have fun and what happened was we all became friends. . Having drinks and making toasts at dinner became a regular event. The waiters were so very attentive and cute too. They soon learned that we all really enjoyed anything chocolate. So, "the chocolate mess" was created each night by Hans and, boy, was that good!! . And then there were after dinner drinks, before dinner drinks, waiting for everyone to show drinks and anything else you felt like drinks.

Then we had the very good fortune of staying in Venice for a few days after the cruise ended. The first thing that one must do when staying in Venice is to find out their positioning to one of the main bridges or St. Marks. If you are lucky enough to be close to one of the boat (not bus) stops, then you are on your way to finding your lodgings. Otherwise, good luck carrying your luggage up and down the hundreds of small bridges. None of the roads are straight through and no one could possibly tell you where you are staying simply by the address. To be in Venice is to understand what I am saying. But, oh, the views! If given the opportunity, stay in Venice. The history is quite fun to learn. Take the walking tour and learn the sense of humor that creates the history. Watch and listen to the tour when the clocks strike noon. Get the view from the top of the tower. Walk the City. Take the gondola. Eat the food and drink the wine. ... learn it, love it and admire it
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