Jessica and Donnie in Front of the Church
Of course the wedding was beautiful. Both Jessica and Donnie looked fabulous. Jessica is a big fan of black and white photos so I thought it appropriate to use it as an intro to their honeymoon photos.

I am a pseudo-family member (24 years and counting) as well as the mother of the Maid-of-Honor so I have given myself the right to create these memorabilia pages.

Here is a small gift to you Jessica for being such an incredible friend to my daughter. And Donnie, for being the big brother Jessie never had. I love you both……….

"Hey everyone!
Donnie and I are back from the honeymoon (for those we haven't spoke to yet) and we had such an awesome time!!!
I just spent the past 4 hours putting all our pictures together on this software stuff!!
Miss you all!
Jess & Donnie
and by the way - my new favorite words are "my husband"!!"

2 couples we met: David, Erin, David and Jennifer

The view from our room Sandals St. Lucia. We had a blast!!

Thanks Jessica and Donnie for being just who you are.
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