Maid of the Mist

The Whirlpool Jetboat Ride. It starts at Niagara on the Lake and takes you through class 5 rapids. We really did do it. It's just that we feared for the lives of the cameras on the Jetboat, and our fears were well founded. These photos are us on the Maid of the Mist. Are we actually headed towards that???? !!!! Ohhh!!! Baby!!! YES WE ARE!!!

Hey Jay!!!
Can you say the word "Exhilarated"??????

It's amazing just how small the boat looks when looking from the outside in. When you're on the boat it really feels a whole lot bigger.
We don't have any pictures of the Whirlpool Jetboat Ride since we were so afraid that the cameras would get wet. (We would have been totally correct too).

It starts at Niagara on the Lake and takes you through class 5 rapids. It really was incredible!!! What a blast!!!

Hey Jess! I think we look pretty good. Blue is definitely our color.
Hey Aly!! Don't tell anybody where you work or what you do for a living.... Did someone say Paparazzi???!!!!

This photo was taken from up in the Skylon Tower. The views of the falls from the rotating dining room were breathtaking and not to be missed. It was nice getting a birds-eye view of the falls. The food, wasn't half-bad either!

Cynthia enjoying the name Cataract Portal at Horseshoe Falls. The sound is like thunder, the sight awesome! We went deep below and behind the heart of Niagara and stood in the mist where the Horseshoe Falls tumbles 13 stories above!



So, the debate continues: Does Buffalo really have the best wings ... ANYWHERE? I've heard some people say that the BEST wings are in Hoboken, NJ ... In any case, Buffalo is still and will always be the home of the ORIGINAL BUFFALO WINGS!!!

A quieter place and a quieter time. Alyson and Dave enjoying the beautiful views.There is the constant roar of the falls in the background everywhere you go, all of the time.

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