Camden Yards
Pictures by Jessica
The trip was a great success. A good time was had by all. The weather was great, but the Yankees lost. That didn't stop the 100 Going Places Travel guests from enjoying themselves at Camden Yards, shown here. "It was so good to be away for just that little while. We laughed and had a fun time".

New Yorkers showing their stuff at the batting cages outside Camden Yards. "WE WERE GOOD!"
Two of the ladies had their charicatures done outside Camden Yards.
Some of the guys at the hotel after the game. "The game was great but too bad the Yankees lost".
When the bus stopped at Philly near the Liberty Bell, some of the travellers walked into the Italian section for some cheesesteaks. "It was worth the walk even though it took us a half hour to get there. We went to 2 restaurants for the cheesesteaks." I've been told that the overall rating was better for Ginos.
NOW! Here are some real New Yorkers eating the cheesesteaks at Ginos in the Italian section of Philly. Would you mess with these guys? Not me. Have a good time boys!
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