Pete Fanizzi and Ria Cicero visit Grand Bahama Island and stay at Our Lucaya

Port Lucaya 4/2004

The view from the infinity pool looking out into the ocean. It looks as though they are one....
Ria and Pete spend a few days on Grand Bahama Island at Our Lucaya Resort. What a beautiful place. There are 3 resorts in one: Sheraton, Westin and Our Lucaya.

Our host, Elisa Fox, gave us a tour of the beautiful grounds. Here is from left to right, Pete, Elisa our host, Damion of the Royal Beach Club in the Westin and Janet Butler, sales co-ordinator.

Here Ria is enjoying the Infinity Pool set right beside the ocean. Could it be any more beautiful? With waterslides, waterfalls, swim-up bars, and infinity edges, the pools were more than just a place to get wet. Spectacular seaside swimming was unbeatable. And all I could think about was the horrible weather I left in New York.

Is Pete Getting Nervous? This Bridal gazebo is set perfectly besides the beautiful seaside landscape. With the soft breezes of the ocean, the smell of the lush foliage the setting was perfect. How lucky that bride was today!

Pete takes the time out to read a book and just get lost in himself. Even though there are people around you have the opportunity to be quiet if you like. There is so much room to find just the perfect space that you want. …ahhhh but did he finish the book????…..

Situated right across the street from Port Lucaya makes for a very enjoyable stroll. Pete and I visited the dock along with the shops and restaurants.

The shops in Port Lucaya was so beautiful. Everything was in bloom!! I had to remember the way I left everything in New York. Everything was so barron….this was so colorful, so beautiful.. and look just how blue the shy is…oh boy! Wish I were there right now….

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