Philadelphia Flower Show

Spring Time Just in Time

On March 10 Going Places Tours hosted a day trip down to Philly to visit the revered Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, downtown, the premier flower show in the country. We met at 1883 Victory Blvd at 9:00am and in an hour we were delightfully escorted into Springtime. Leaving the cold, windy streets of reality, we entered into halls of springtime blooms and butterflies. Here are some highlights of the show.

Here we are outside the show representing Staten Island with a copy of the Advance. All are anxious to enter. Much of the talk on the road was about how all had wanted to see this event for so long. We were all grateful to experience it together.

A beautiful center piece using flora and vegatables to create an incredible eye catcher

Our first stop was the culinary exhibits. Milita coffee was given generously. We entered into the free gift giveaway and walked through the doors. There we were met with the incredible scents of culinary delights. Chefs were on stage cooking. At the end some from the audience were welcomed to taste the creations. At the end, we were given a bag with samples of Yves Rocher bath items. Very nice!
This outdoor garden party riveled Tavern on the Green. It was a beautiful display of colorful umbrellas playing with the water gliding down from the sky, twirling causing a feeling of animation. The tables were so welcoming with their bright color table cloths and centerpieces. Truely an entertainers fantasy.

This piece was simply amazing. The picture, for how beautiful it is, does not due the arrangement justice. The flowers and fern simply cascaded down and still reaching out and up, flowing together in a moving unity of motion and color.

This display was at the entrance to the flower show. An incredible display of springtime colors bellowing out to each and every person walking "Welcome, come through my doors and be delighted!"

Here the lighting was low. This formal roman courtyard found people whispering around it. It commanded attention and dignity. The statues were beautiful backed by a fence giving a sense of enclosure. The fountain in the front rendered a softness the 3 female statues represented.
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