Pittston Six Visit Italy

Finding Family Thousands of Miles Across the Ocean

"Pittston Six"
MyGoingPlacesTravel.com brings families together with Globus Journeys.

Theresa Collela is one of our many email customers.

Our motto is to call all of our email requests providing that personal touch. We like customers to know that there is a 'real' person behind this website. For over 35 years the Fanizzi family has built a travel service based on personal attention and making new friends. "Travel is the best learning experience anyone can receive" comments owner Pete Fanizzi.

Theresa Collela has a beautiful story to tell about finding family and experiencing a trip of a lifetime.

Here's the "Pittston Six" even though none of us lives in Pittston anymore. All three women went to Pittston High School, and we've stayed friends ever since.

Left to right are Frank and Theresa Colella, Connie and Andy Miroslaw, Barbara and Tom Miller.

Look at what I got today! My newly found cousin sent this to me.
(from Cousin Giuseppe in Italy)
Cari cugini,

Siamo molto contenti di avervi conosciuto, speriamo di incontrarci ancora perchè siete molto simpatici.

Vi invio le foto che abbiamo fatto e spero che vi facciano piacere.

A big hug


Here's what happened…..we found Connie's aunt and cousins in Serradifalco that day, and after an hour of half Italian and half English, and with the help of our wonderful "Indiana" tour guide, we discovered that my cousin and Connie's cousin, go for a walk every single night, around Serradifalco.


Connie's cousins took all of us, to a lunch at Serradifalco, and then my cousin and his wife and daughter met us there after dinner. The two men are my cousins, the one woman is Giuseppe's wife and the young girl is his daughter. Giuseppe is sitting next to his wife. Theresa

Then he insisted that we go to his brother's (another cousin I didn't know) house, for an after dinner Amaretto drink, thus the picture. He lives in the same house that my Mother used to write to her Aunt (their great-grandmother). He brought along a family tree, but we weren't in it cause he didn't know us, and we didn't know them, so while I was sitting at the table, I drew OUR family to be connected to THEIR family tree, so we have one big tree in the forest! There are a few people left in Pittston who read and speak Italian, so I will bring this letter to them and have them decipher it.

I could write a book on the coincidences on this trip. We were talking to a couple from Oklahoma, discussing everything from food, to kids, to jobs (it was one of those looooong bus rides), when we discovered that the guy from Ok. worked with a guy from Wilkes-Barre (20 minutes from Pittston), and lost track of him, when they retired. My everlovin' actually KNEW the guy, contacted him when we got home, they got together via email, and everybody lived happily ever after!!!! FYI…Theresa

I can't tell you how happy I am that we made this trip. Yesterday, Connie came to my shop with 300 pictures. I thought I took alot, but she has me beat! If you want to embellish the story, that's O.K. with me, however, that's what happened. Truth is stranger than fiction…..Theresa

Pete says: Thanks Theresa
This is what it's all about!!!

Three Lovely Ladies … friends forever from Pittston High…



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