Presenting The Dawn: GPT's Visit to the Cruise Ship

GPT's DAWN Exclusives

Here we are outside the DAWN on a beautiful Saturday Morning in NYC. We are very excited about our visit and can't wait to get inside.
(Photo of the Ship on the Seas!)

The day was beautiful and the ship glorious. We can't wait for our sailing dates to come. The ship's deck is fabulous. Everything is so new and fresh!

The Grand Entrance Way! Do I need to say anything more! How beautiful is this!!! Breathtaking. We knew that we were in for a fabulous day!

Impressionist paintings are seen throughout the dining areas. The decks are painted so vividly that it makes walking through the halls exciting. We visited
the luxurious spa (this I will enjoy!)
gaming room
Bier Garten
Tapas Bar
Golf Driving Net (yes!)
Sports Deck
Internet Cafe (to keep in touch)
the Theatre where we thought we were just transformed into another world.
(Deck Plans)

Everything was so beautiful! We saw so much but there was so much more to see.

We can't wait to take our cruise in July!

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