Punta Cana

Joanne & Ria Enjoying The Good Life

In November of 2002, Joanne and Ria visited Punta Cana, part of the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. The weather was fabulous. The workers were very friendly. The hotel was beautiful. The food, abundant as well as the drinks. AND IT WAS ALL INCLUSIVE.

What was so wonderful was that you didn't have to spend one more penny when you got there. None of the help expected a tip…and it didn't matter…they were still wonderful.

At times, you go into a restaurant and they had you their signature drink when entering. The drinks were very abundant. We lacked NOTHING!

We had a great time….

The water was crystal clear and just warm enough. The beach was quite large. The sand clean and white.

This is the beach going towards the huts where merchants sold some local goods.

Most nights we ate at the buffet, but this night we at at La Cana Restaurant. It was what they called a grill menu which included steaks, chops, and what we had is the next picture. Here we are sitting enjoying one of their drinks (or where we drinking the wine by this time???)

We shared this combination of lobster, chicken, steak, shrimp and the wine…yes the wine.

Here we went to Michelangelos restaurant. It was another of the ala carte dinner restaurants with an Italian theme. We started with the antipasto table, then choice of soup, then pasta, then entree. And the wine. Wish we could have taken some home.

Here we are at one of the 2 pools that was right at the ocean's edge. Joanne liked the ocean better, and Ria liked the pool more. It just didn't matter, we just did what we felt like…Sooooo nice!

And here is the other pool. This one had a small island in the middle where you could sit and stay cool in the water. It was wonderful…looking forward to going back.
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