Red Mountain Spa, Utah

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Red Mountain Spa
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We did … We all have impressions of what a "spa" is.
Much to our surprise … and pleasure … Red Mountain Spa offerred a cleansing of body, mind and spirit.

This full service, all inclusive vacation provided opportunity to rejuvenate. Simple schedule of activities offerred daily guided hikes(unique to spa's) for all abilities, training classes included core-strengthening, stretch, aqua circuit and many other opportunities to create your own fitness schedule. Along with a Spa schedule of treatments for all.

The Canyon Breeze restaurant offerred three meals daily which provided excellent fresh, wholesome ingredients which were outstanding and delicious. We love to cook and enjoyed the cooking demonstrations every morning after our hike with Executive Sous Chef Dale Van Sky who gave simple demonstrations on healthy choices we all can make while preparing food at home.

The drink of choice without question is available at every table for every meal. YES good old H2O. Without thinking about it I realized that my diet soda was not needed.

Beer and wine is available but not included. The beauty of this place is to give you a schedule that you make work for you … after 1 day it was obvious to us we wanted to do as much as possible to take advantage of this wonderful place.

Wake up in the morning to a sunrise behind the red mountains. Climb to heights you never knew were possible. Find your limits in a place that is full of natural beauty. Take in the clean, fresh air. See the snow on the tops of the far mountain while standing atop a cliff in the desert. This is a land of contrast, extremes, beautiful, complex and simple.

Contact us directly at for information so that you too can enjoy a fun, exciting time at the Red Mountain Spa.

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