Renault Winery Adventure June 18, 2004

Renault Winery Adventure - June 18, 2004
We all assemble on Victory Blvd. Staten Island NY to get on the bus to Renault Winery and Atlantic City.

Our bus driver, Nick, an old friend of Going Places Travel provided us with a very pleasant ride.

Our group leader, Belinda, with Pete of Going Places Travel, welcoming us all to Renault Winery. The grounds were lovely.

Our family style dinner was wonderful. We found out that all of the food that was served was all cooked with the wines from the vineyard … EVEN THE JELLO?! YUP! And it was good!

Here we are all chowing down enjoying the chicken, pasta and meatballs.

The wine sampling was fun as well. We all tasted the selection of wines, reds, whites, sweet and dry. We even sampled the champagne. Very enjoyable.

Here we are enjoying the scenery. We just liked walking around the grounds or in the gift shop. All had a very nice day.

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