Riviera Maya - Bahia Principe

All Inclusive All Suites Fabulous Beaches

Jessie and Jillian in the Caribbean in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Hurrican Wilma may have messed up Cancun, but the Riviera Maya is JUST FINE, as you can see! Some of the palm trees are missing their tops. But, who cares! The beach is beautiful and the weather is fabulous.

Jessie and Jillian enjoying one of the many pools. This one has the swim up bar.
What a treat in the beautiful HOT sun!

Jillian and Ria in the jacuzzi pool in the late afternoon.
What a way to end a beautiful day at the beach! Relaxing
in the jacuzzi with a drink and good friends.

Humi and Jessie with our new friend Kevin, the tennis pro at the Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Mexico.
He was so much fun. He was our fouth in doubles and just made our games so much fun!

Humi truely enjoyed the all inclusive breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Seafood at every meal was her motto and the choices were available.

Anyone feel like climbing a pyramid this morning? Humi does.
She climbs to the top and takes some great photos of the jungle.
She sees the land that the Mayans inhabited hundreds of years ago.
Our guide, Fredrik, is a true professional providing the information
and love for the Mayan civilization.

The face of one of the many Maya children we were so lucky to have visited
on our trip through the Mayan village in the middle of the jungle. What gracious
and lovely people. They live simply with the biggest hearts.

Meanwhile, back at the Bahia Principe, Jessie and Jillian enter the Bahia Spa for one of their many spa experiences.
What is it today girls, facial or full body massage?

An incredible sunset tonight as we go back to our villa to prepare for our evening events.
Which of the gourmet restaurants are we going to tonight?

The lobby of the Bahia Tulum was magnificent. There was this beautiful pillar in the center (behind us) with all of this scroll work. It was at least 5 stories tall in the center of the open lobby topped with the thatched roof. It was just sooooo pretty.

With a great big smile Humi wins bingo at the activity pool.
She's wearing some of the clothes that she bought during the vacation.
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