Rosetti Family Conquer the Grand Canyon

Dear Pete
I just wanted to share these amazing pictures of our trip to Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon.
It was truly amazing! It is 10 X as beautiful in person. Pictures can never do it justice.
Thank You so much for your help in planning our vacation.

-- The Rossetti Family

Grand Canyon South Rim

Open 365 days a year, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is 7000 feet above sea level. The Canyon View Information Plaza is the main facility here. You can park your car and ride the free shuttle or walk the short trail from Mather Point. Many overlooks are accessible by car but the free shuttle also provides transportation to overlooks.

For those wishing a hiking experience, the Rim Trail follows the canyon rim from Pipe Creek Vista to Hermits Rest. The trail portion between Pipe Creek Vista and Maricopa Point is paved and wheelchair accessible. The unpaved parts of the trail are very narrow and close to the edge. Bicycles are never allowed on this trail.

One incredible overlook is the Yavapai Observation Station at Yavapai Point. This panoramic view includes Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River.

Located on a large tributary canyon on the south side of he Colorado River is the Havasupai Indian Reservation. This is not within the National Park boundaries. It is administered by the Havasupai Indian Tribe. The village of Supai is only accessible by horseback or an 8 mile hike. Hiking is by tribal permit only.

Mule rides down the South Rim to the Colorado River are extremely popular. Mule trips operate year round. This is a two-day trip. One day trips are available which only travel part way to the Colorado River. Horseback trail rides are available in 1, 2 or 4 hour increments at a stable just outside the Grand Canyon National Park.

Our tour took us to the south rim of the canyon, as it was January, and the north rim was covered in 14 inches of snow.
I can only describe it the best way I know how. I wish I was a poet, because then I could give it justice. But anyway, the color was astounding. Not really orange, not really red, not really tan. No picture that I took could acurately represent what it really looked like. The majesty of it all was really what strikes you. To think that eons and eons of water and weather created this overwhealming natural wonder.

My wife had always wanted to see the canyon with snow on the ground, and her aspiration was met in February 2001. My American cousin had referred to the canyon as “an awesome hole in the ground,” and as a master of the understatement, he is absolutely right. We approached the national park with minutes to spare before sunset. We parked the car and ran towards the edge of the canyon to watch the sun disappearing over the horizon, changing the colours of the canyon from bright oranges to lilac and purple hues. Indeed in minutes the whole appearance of the canyon was transformed, with a marvellous gradation of colour across the rock formation and the sky. It was almost as if the sky was reflecting the canyon’s form.
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