The Colony Tennis & Beach Resort

February 2003

Dr. Klauber Owner of The Colony Tennis & Beach Resort Welcomes Pete and Ria of Going Places Travel
On February 9, 2003, Pete and Ria set out on Jet Blue airlines to Sarasota Florida with The Colony Tennis & Beach Resort as their final destination.

While at the resort, we met the owner Dr. Murf Klauber. What a very nice and warm man he is. We had heard often while we were staying there that the owner was a hands-on and approachable person. Well, we found this to be true first hand.

This photo is taken in the vice-presidential rooms. The room was impressive as was the views.

The accommodations were beautiful with full kitches and multiple rooms. It was more like a 1 bedroom with a steam and jacuzzi in the bathroom.
The sunsets into the Gulf of Mexico were breathtaking. Relaxing by the pool with the soft lapping of the Gulf were so refreshing. And…knowing it was February made it even more wonderful.
So, we enjoyed the light show from above and decided to chat with the delightful bartender at the Bongo Bar that was right on the beach.
In the morning, it was time for a walk along the beach enjoying the warm breezes and sun on our faces.
By 10am it was time for a 2 hour tennis clinic with the wonderful pros that were always available. John P. Robinson was the head pro and he was just delightful (also, glad to take a photo opportunity). If only it could have gone on forever.
The view of the resort from the beach was beautiful. We heard from some parents that were there, that their daughter married right on the beach and it was beautiful. This would be the area where the wedding occurred.
Never far from a tennis court, this shot is from our living room out to our deck. We requested area around the tennis since that was our main choice. There are rooms closer to the beach and some right on the beach called Lanais. Some had multiple floors.
Always time for a relaxing refreshment in the warm air at the Bongo Bar, one of our favorite spots.
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