is full service agency of travel professionals.

The agency was started by Jim and Rose Fanizzi since 1975. Now run by Peter, their son while Rose continues to delight in providing her expertise in running group and individual trips.

Going Places Travel Inc. originally provided service solely to the Staten Island community. But as their clientel moved on, the Fanizzi's remained their travel partners. Now Going Places Travel Inc. is serving local, national and international clients. For the past 25+ years, we have earned the trust of over 100,000 travelers. Our customers have the assurance that doing business with a community based company offers a confidence that we will be here tomorrow and if you need us, you can come in to talk to us.

Peter is very active with the local AARP chapters and are contributors in the local churches and charitable organizations. Going Places Travel Inc. received a special letter of appreciation from the U.S. Department of the Navy. In support of Staten Island's artistic organizations, Going Places Trave Inc. offers a venue for the works from the Staten Island Artist Foundation in their base office.

Our travel professionals handle all travel ticketing, transportation, and special needs. We offer Travel, Entertainment, Theatre, Sports and Gift opportunities worldwide. Our office is on Victory Blvd on Staten Island but our website is available on every computer.

We continually update our web site to bring you the very latest in special offers and exciting travel options. We want you to take advantage of our ability to provide service. Our website will continue to provide you with all information needed to make your next travel experience a satisfying one. Let our search engine help you. Make sure you register and become part of our family.

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