• NY Yankees at Baltimore 2001 "Ripken Up at Bat". Camden Yards 9/22/01. The trip to Camden Yards was a great success. About 100 people went on the trip and had a wonderful time. "It was so nice to get away for a short time. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves" said some of the travellers.
  • Arlene and her daughter take a trip to Bermuda on Celebrity's Horizon in July 21, 2001. added 8-15-01  
  • Pete, Alex and Gaby are off to Newfoundland, Canada. Hiking, whalewatching, bed and breakfast, overnight ferrying, clean air, friendly people and just lots of fun are on the agenda for this trio as they visit Halifax and St. John's in Canada. added 8-5-01  
  • Going Places gives a party for their special guests each year. You can become one of these guests simply by booking a vacation with Going Places Travel Inc. The first annual Going Places Thank You Party for their special guests. You too can become one of these guests simply by booking a vacation with Going Places Travel Inc. Let us thank you.  
  • Ria in front of the Arc du Triumph in Paris Pete and Ria go to Paris in January of 2000 to welcome in the new millennium. Viva La France!
  • Jessica posing in front of Uluru - in the Outback of Australia Jessica visited Australia right after she graduated from SUNY Albany. What an incredible sight! This enormous monolith surrounded by flat land forever. This sight is worth beholding. It changes color at sunrise and sunset. This should not be missed!
  • Hawaiian Dancers Pose at Poolside a the Hilton Hawaiian Village June 2001 Hawaii is truly paradise. The weather is incredible, the people are wonderful, the water is beautiful and the view of Diamond Head is breathtaking! These dancers came out to poolside every evening and danced native dances and lit the torch lamps at the pool with a ceremony that was very entertaining.
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