Travel with Pete and Ria to Southern Utah

"Some Kinda Wonderful" June 2017

Red Mountain Inn and Spa is one of those places.

The resort is located at the base of Snow Canyon State Park with lava rocks quite evident throughout.

If you want to sit by the pool, go ahead and sit. It's a beautiful place with a calm atmosphere.

If you want to MOVE, this is also the place for you. The Daily guided hikes, fitness classes all day, indoor and outdoor pools, many unique activities you can book during your stay with some at additional fees you will never be at a lose for something to do. We chose the Zion National Park hike through the Narrows.

After a nice meet and greet with dinner with our host Lori Munk, director of sales. We were ready for staying busy and we did.

Every morning and afternoon they offer buffets with excellent choices all around especially amazing soups.

This is not the carving station type buffet but the healthy and robust good, clean food buffet.

For our Monday morning hike we met at 730am at our pick up point right outside the restaurant doors. Each hike comes with guides. Dave was our lead guide and his partner Ryan. They took us on a nice hike called the Chuckwalla trail. A beautiful steady hike with some inclines for about 2 1/2 hours. This is something everyone can do every morning.
If your looking for a challenge they offer Adventure hikes which is faster paced and more inclines to get your heart rate up.

Most of the hikes are scheduled so that you get back to the resort in time to attend the scheduled fitness class. We attended a Chi Ball stretch class after the hike. Our fitness instructor was Cindy who made you feel good
and helped you to move in ways you only think your grand kids can.

Simply put you have this opportunity to put yourself in the hands of some great professional fitness experts and follow along at your own pace. Lunch is available each day 1130am-130pm so you are able to fit it in and work around various activities each and every day.
The daily activity schedule is available similarly to the schedule you get on a cruise.

There are some easy walking trails right from the resort. Or maybe you prefer bicycle riding. They are also available with some fabulous bike lanes. We attended Hydro Challenge workout later in the day.

There is a full gym for your use if you do prefer working out alone.

On Tuesday we scheduled one of the premier hikes in Zion National Park, called the Narrows hike. It's a beautiful walk through a rushing river while admiring the canyons walls all carved out by this river for thousands of years.
Our guides for this day were Kristen and Cierra and they were terrific and kept us moving. We were fortunate to make it to the Fork which amounted to about a 8 mile hike round trip through incredible views from the floor of the river. The great thing about this was we were outfitted with proper foot gear and even hiking sticks to help us keep our balance on the never ending stones. Take a look at some photos and you just can not help thinking that we are just a small part of this beautiful natural environment. Truly a very nice experience along with being physically challenging.
This day is a full day excursion (8 hours) with lunch included along with some snack items.

Our 3rd full day turned into a nice relaxing day. We hiked before breakfast on our own and a bicycle ride after breakfast. Some nice treatments for Ria before lunch and some solo time for me hanging around the outdoor pool.

There also comes a time when a massage can work for the wanna be athlete. Ria is a big believer, I not so much. But I gave it a try. Abby provided a very nice local massage. After 3 days of steady hiking, stretching and biking
I had to admit the release of tensions and tight muscles was something that works!

Red Mountain inn and spa is a fantastic way to learn about physical fitness and good food. Each meal is properly portioned with healthy choices. A salad bar is opened at dinner with a soup of the day. Every evening you have meat, poultry and fish on the menu along with meatless options that all taste great!

Its about choices with activity and foods. Red Mountain Inn gives you a nice respite to follow along with out having to do much except to choose what you want. All meals are included.
Teens are welcome but prefer children to be at least 12 years old if a family is going to come. It is also Pet friendly with specific rooms for this type of client.

Flying in from Las Vegas offers a perfect way to full circle your vacation.

Great getaway ... any options you choose.

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